California Legislators Propose New Slate Of COVID-19 Vaccine Evil Laws

SB871require all children 0 to 17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine to attend child care or school要求所有0至17歲的兒童接種COVID-19疫苗,以便參加兒童保育或上學
SB866allow kids 12 to 17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent允許12至17歲的兒童在未經父母同意的情況下接種COVID-19疫苗
SB1479require schools to continue testing and to create testing plans要求學校繼續檢測並制定檢測計劃
SB1018require online platforms to be more transparent about how information is pushed out to consumers要求在線平臺在如何將資訊推送給消費者方面更加透明
SB1464force law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders迫使執法人員執行公共衛生命令
AB1993require all employees, including independent contractors, to show proof of COVID-19 vaccine to work in California要求所有員工(包括獨立承包商)出示COVID-19疫苗證明才能在加利福尼亞州工作
AB1797make changes to the California Immunization Record Database對加州免疫記錄資料庫進行更改
AB2098reclassify the sharing of COVID-19 “misinformation” by doctors and surgeons as unprofessional conduct that would result in disciplinary action將醫生和外科醫生分享COVID-19″錯誤資訊”重新歸類為不專業行為,會導致紀律處分

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