【圖解】我愛祖國 Stop Taiwan Hate

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Why #StopTaiwanHate & Why This Map?
The Communist Party of China has swayed American public opinion, making it impossible for Americans to support the Republic of China in its fight against the Communist Party of China’s invasion. The CCP is preparing to invade the Republic of China, according to several sources of intelligence. Will the United States send troops to China to assist in the defense of the Republic? If a conflict should break out, Americans defending the Republic of China’s sovereignty will also have to contend with two groups of individuals in the US. They oppose both war and racism. These can be CCP-infiltrated groups utilized to decentralize American involvement in the defense of the Republic of China.
Taiwan, according to the Chinese Communist Party, is an intrinsic part of China. This deception is crucial not only for people on the inside of the firewall, but also for those on the outside. For Chinese Communists who infiltrated the US, they can use anti-war activists to prevent the US military from participating in the Republic of China’s defense. It may also refer to the Communist Party’s invasion of the Republic of China as a civil war. In reality, it’s no longer possible to call this a civil war. The Republic of China was founded in 1912 and is a sovereign republic. The voters in the Republic of China elect their President in a completely democratic manner. The CCP frequently talks about territorial integrity, although it has sold Chinese territory on several occasions. This map depicts the Republic of China’s territory before the CCP’s occupation of China. When you compare the current map of China to the historical map, you’ll notice that the CCP has never cared about China’s territorial integrity. This will put an end to the CCP’s delusion and the assumption that Taiwan is China. As a result, we can avoid the Chinese Communists adopting anti-war rhetoric to discourage us from assisting the Republic of China.
In the United States, racism is a major problem. Through BLM and Antifa, the Chinese Communist Party launched a campaign to combat Asian prejudice. As we all know, black people mostly target Asians, and BLM is likely to be behind these attacks. The CCP utilized a Chinese group in San Francisco to support BLM, according to a program on Asia Sky Media. This could be the primary reason why all of the attacks took place in San Francisco. If the US launches war on the CCP to save the Republic of China, “Stop Asian Hate” can easily be used to sway public opinion and discourage Americans from denouncing the CCP’s aggressiveness. If white Americans speak out against the CCP’s assault, they will be labeled racists. This is why the “Stop Taiwan Hate” campaign in the United States must be supported. This prevent the Chinese Communist Party from abusing American freedom of expression to obstruct the United States’ ability to preserve the Republic of China’s sovereignty.

為什麼有 #StopTaiwanHate 以及為什麼用這張 #中國地圖?


Published by Asia Sky Media

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