SB300 is a threat to public safety

On August 11, 2022, Mike Fong voted YES on SB 300. Why is this important? SB 300 would lower sentences for the most violent offenders at a time when homicide rates are rising throughout California!
Anyone who commits murder or already was found guilty of committing murder and is on death row or serving Life without the possibility of Parole, will not be guaranteed to be locked away forever as intended. This includes any of the 22 special circumstances cases.
This means the Worst of the Worse criminals will be back out into society to hurt more people! Does this make you safer??
So, if someone kidnaps, rapes and tortures multiple children to death, or kills a police officer, they can be released back into society after only 20 years!
Why is it that our current assemblymember Mike Fong is trying to hurt our communities more by releasing dangerous criminals back out into the street?
It is time for you the voters, to vote for someone who truly cares about you and will keep the violent criminals in jail, so you and your families will be safer!
As a retired sergeant from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I have work hard to protect our 49th assembly district while working in our district, and when you elect me into office this November 8th, I will continue to work for YOU and protect our families from these terrible laws hurting our communities.
Please go to for more information, donate and support my campaign to represent YOU and our community is Sacramento, not the politicians set out to destroy it!
Vote Burton Brink for State Assembly in the 49th District this November 8 Th. Thank you!