Joe Biden and The Democratic Party aren’t above the laws and they aren’t the laws. California Attorney General, Rob Bonta, will need to look into these cases and take action upon it.

The bill SB1018 would require a social media platform to disclose to the public, on or before October 1, 2024, and annually thereafter, statistics regarding the extent to which, in the 3rd and 4th quarters of the preceding calendar year and first and 2nd quarters of the current calendar year, items of content that the platform determined violated its policies were recommended or otherwise amplified by platform algorithms, disaggregated by category of policy violated. The bill would define “social media platform” for its purposes to mean a public or semipublic internet-based service or application, a substantial function of which is to connect users, as defined, in order to allow users to interact socially with each other within the service or application, and that meets certain other criteria, including having users in California. The bill would only apply to platforms having at least 1,000,000 discrete monthly users. The bill would also define “content” for its purposes to mean statements or comments made by users and media that are created, posted, shared, or otherwise interacted with by users on an internet-based service or application.
This bill would subject a violator of its provisions to a civil penalty of up to $100,000 for each violation that may be recovered only in a civil action brought by, among other specified public attorneys, the Attorney General.